Yoga Makaranda - The Nectar of Yoga

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This book was one of the very few available at that time, and also the first one to present the practice of Asana's in a sequential manner (Vinyasa-krama), a method inknown at that time to the general public. It brought a sense of wonder to the people of that generation, and became the main inspiration for many styles of Yoga, that have sustained to the current day.

This English version, translated by TKV Desikachar, son and long time pupil of Krishnamacharya, opems the doors to international readers to acces some of the earliest teachings of Krishnamacharya. It features ninety nine archival images of the master himself, and some of his students at that time, as well as beautifully illustrated sequences of the postures listed. It also includes expository notes, that provide a profound and erudite understanding of the text.

Yoga Makaranda will be a jewel in the personal library of every Yoga practicioner, and an invaluable asset to researchers interested in a more accurate understanding of a vital aspect of Krishnamacharya's teaching.

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